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What is Fluorosis?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Smile Family Dentistry
What is Fluorosis?Fluorosis is when your teeth have brown or white speckles. It is mainly caused by early childhood overexposure to fluoride compounds. This condition mainly occurs in the first eight years of your life when the permanent teeth develop.

Causes of Fluorosis

Treated water may have high levels of fluoride. Such water will make children's teeth prone to fluorosis. Fluoride supplements used by children can also put them at risk of fluorosis. Also, children may enjoy the taste of toothpaste and end up swallowing, putting them at risk of fluorosis.

Symptoms of Fluorosis

The symptoms of fluorosis are mild and may not be noticeable. You will only have brown or yellow spots on your teeth. But in severe cases, the symptoms can include tooth sensitivity. This occurs if your enamel is pitted and exposes your roots to external elements. You may also be at risk of tooth decay since the damaged enamel is susceptible to bacteria.

Treatment of Fluorosis

There are multiple treatment options that your dentists can recommend. Dental treatment is not necessary for mild cases. But if you have aesthetic concerns, you should consider cosmetic treatment. Some of the treatment options include:

Teeth whitening

The teeth whitening procedure will help to reduce the appearance of discoloration of stains. You should visit your dentist for proper cleaning and teeth whitening. The procedure will help enhance the look of your teeth and ensure good oral hygiene.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is applying a tooth-colored material such as porcelain, ceramic, or resin on your teeth. The material is customized to look like your natural teeth. The process helps to hide all teeth's imperfections, such as discoloration.


A veneer is a thin shell tailored according to your teeth' shape and size. The shells are placed over your teeth to give you a better appearance. These are the best options for severely discolored teeth.

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