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Top 5 Tips for Healthier Smiles

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Smile Family Dentistry
Top 5 Tips for Healthier SmilesThere is a lot of information that is going around the internet nowadays on ways to maintain a healthy smile. While some things like brushing your teeth regularly might be obvious, there are other steps that if followed, will help to maintain your oral aesthetics. Based on various research that has been done, we will look into the top 5 tips for making your smile healthier.

Brush your teeth and floss every day

This is said to be the foundation of a healthy smile, which means it is the most important step that if followed will enhance your smile. You are recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day, this helps n removing the leftover food particles that form plaque. Flossing on the other hand clears the plaque in places brushing cannot reach. This can be in between teeth or on the gums. If not cleaned, this plaque might build up to cause tooth decay or cardiovascular issues. Fluoride-based toothpaste is recommended while brushing since it helps strengthen the tooth's enamel. Using such toothpaste reverses the signs of tooth discoloration and tooth decay.

Choose a Balanced Diet

Your mouth is the only entrance you got for everything that goes to your stomach. Therefore, you are recommended to watch what you eat since it might positively or negatively impact your oral and eventually your general health. Dentists will advise you to eat foods rich in vitamins like fruits and vegetables.

Limit the intake of starchy foods, sugary foods and acidic drinks

Whole grains and lean proteins are also prioritized as compared to starchy foods. You are also advised to stay away from sugary foods and acidic drinks that might corrode your tooth's enamel. Doing this will give your teeth the ability to serve you for a longer time.

Keep away from tobacco and alcohol

The use of tobacco and alcohol is also unhealthy for your teeth and health in general. It may lead to tooth discoloration and in severe cases cause dry mouths and bad breath. This is often considered the onset of oral cancer; you would not want it to go down that lane.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Your dentist should be your closest friend on this journey. Therefore, you are advised to schedule visits every twice a month to undergo various dental examinations and if need be, treatment. Professional cleaning might be carried out by your orthodontist. This and many more procedures are carried out by our team of trained dentists. They ensure that the end of your treatment is the beginning of a new and improved aesthetic journey. Call us today for any inquiries.
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