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Dental Sealants

 child sitting in dental chair with sealantsThere are multiple preventive steps that you can take to improve your oral health. At Smile Family Dentistry, we strive to provide the tools, tips, and education our patients need for lifelong healthy teeth. One preventive step is the application of dental sealants. Studies have shown that sealants can protect vulnerable areas of your enamel that can easily be missed by brushing alone.

If you take a look at your teeth, or run your tongue along them, you will note that there are multiple shapes in your enamel designed to help for chewing. Your molars are naturally designed with sharp points and flat points in a somewhat irregular pattern. This design is helpful to us to break down food before swallowing. The difficulty is that some spots can make it easy for food and debris to get stuck and then not easily removed through brushing. Some areas may even be impossible to clean. We look for those areas and protect them with sealants. This treatment has been proven to reduce the incidence of developing disease significantly. We invite you to learn more.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a liquid varnish that we can paint onto the surface of your teeth. Once hardened, the material will serve as a wall dividing your teeth from any outside food, plaque, or bacteria.

The application of sealants begins with a professional dental cleaning with our hygienist. The area is thoroughly cleaned and then an application of an acid is lightly applied to the tooth. The acid will roughen the enamel just enough to allow for better adhesion of the varnish. The sealant is painted onto the tooth and then hardened in place using a blue light. Once in place, the varnish should remain for several years but we will check the status at each checkup appointment.

Are Dental Sealants Just for Kids?

We recommend the application of dental sealants for a variety of patients including:
•  Adolescents: We recommend dental sealants for all of our adolescent aged patients. We apply sealants after they have grown their adult molars. This is because children and teens are still in a learning phase of oral hygiene and we understand that their skills may not be as refined.
•  Various Disabilities: We recommend dental sealants for patients with a variety of disabilities ranging in medical, physical, or intellectual. Our goal is to increase the success of our patient’s dental health. If they have any disability that could limit their success, sealants can help.
•  Unusual Shapes in their Enamel: We recommend dental sealants for patients with deep grooves, or overhangs, or any other unusual shapes in their enamel. We understand that there can be shapes that make effective brushing difficult, if not impossible. We want to help you be successful in your dental hygiene and sealants can help.
•  Increased Caries Risk: We recommend dental sealants for patients who are at an increased risk to the development of disease. We understand that there are patients who develop caries much easier, it could be due to a variety of reasons, some that you have no control over. Sealants can provide that extra layer of protection when needed.

If you or your child are in need of dental sealants, contact Smile Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with us at 925-825-1130.
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